quinta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2010

Download Apostila Mac Format 2010

Computer networks can be complex. While it’s true that they’ve improved over the years, connecting to a network is still the most complicated part of setting up a Mac at home. Which is why this issue of MacFormat answers every possible network question you could pose. Elsewhere this month, we pit a modest Mac mini against the leviathan that is an SSD-fitted iMac, compare notes, and discuss their merits and relative worth. A second battle ensues in the group test, where six popular email clients duke it out for inbox supremacy. And in a MacFormat first, we take a trip to a school in which the iPad is at the heart of the new curriculum. Meanwhile back on the Mac, we guide you through the world of smart folders, show you how to best export your most impressive snaps from iPhoto, and much more


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